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Mercedes Locksmithing & Key Replacement

Have you lost your keys to your Mercedes? Until now, your only solution was to tow your car to the dealer and have modules replaced and new keys ordered from Germany for thousands of dollars and a significant wait time (weeks or more). Not with us! In most cases, we can have you back in your vehicle the same day.

If you've ever lost a key or keys for your Benz, you already know how difficult and expensive replacing keys is. Mercedes considers many modules including EIS (Ignition Switch), ESL (Electronic Steering Lock), PCM/TCM (Engine and Transmission controllers) to be "Theft Relevant". Quite often they will not even sell "Theft Relevant" parts to the aftermarket.

We now offer the following services for your Mercedes:

• Replace keys (even if you have lost all of them)
• Repair problems with ESL (Electronic Steering Lock)
• Renew Engine Control Modules
• Renew Transmission Control Modules
• Renew EIS (Electronic Ignition Switch) Modules

A symptom of a Steering Lock problem is putting your Mercedes Key into the slot, and it doesn't turn--accompanied by no response from the Instrument Panel (doesn't acknowlege the key in the slot). Until now, you could only tow your Mercedes to the dealer, and have a NEW steering lock installed (and quite often a NEW ignition switch/keys, etc.) for thousands of dollars. We can quite often repair the existing steering lock and reprogram the system to fully working order for a fraction of the price.

Live far from Victoria? Not a problem!

Give us a call (250) 477-2711, we can often take components (Ignition Switch, Key(s), Steering Lock Module) and repair/reprogram them on our test bench, and ship them back to you.*

*subject to security protocols.

Sublet services for automotive shops:

• Ship us your components and we can renew/reprogram them for you!
• Need to add a key for a customer? We can supply and program keys for Mercedes.
• Want to install a USED 7G 722.9 series transmission? We can renew the Trans Module, so this is now possible.
• Want to install a USED Engine Controller? We can renew the Engine Controller. Installing used Engine Controllers in Mercedes was impossible until now.
• Have a Sprinter? We are also able to perform many of the above services for Sprinter as well.

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